What You Should Be Doing In China

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While there are certain things to avoid doing in China, there are also certain things you should be doing as well. These are connected to different aspects in the day to day livelihood of the people. So here are some such do’s you should be considering when you visit there. 

Do’s of greeting people  

In China, respect to one another is given ultimate priority. While calling an elderly person by their name is considered acceptable in most western countries, in traditional China such acts are frowned upon. When you are greeting even a Mandarin tutor HK, you need to call him or her teacher or “laoshi” according to Chinese, and if it is an elderly person or a boss, it is better that you address them by Mister and Miss. You could also use a gentle nod or a handshake to acknowledge and greet someone but it isn’t really necessary. But it is important that when you are greeting a group specially, make sure that you start off with the oldest.  Check out more information by visiting https://www.newconceptmandarin.com/business-chinese/

Table etiquette  

When you are making a toast, it is best if you stand up if it is more of a formal one and make sure to tap the table twice beforehand. However, one of the best things you could do at a banquet is sampling all that is available. This way you get to pick exactly what suits your taste and not end up wasting all that you’ve piled up on your plate. It is also necessary that you leave some leftovers on the plate as it represents the bounteousness of the host. You could also learn Chinese, take up a few lessons of it and do a HSK test, so that you can actually have even a small conversation with the locals that aren’t familiar with your native language or English.  

Do’s of gift receiving and giving  

In China when you are receiving or giving gifts, it is always better that you do so with both hands. In addition to that, it is a tradition followed throughout, to not open gifts in front of the giver. It is always best that you do so when they are not present. However, if you are too curious to wait you could always ask them if it is alright with them to open the gift in front of them and then unwrap it. Even numbers are given much priority as well in the Chinese culture. So even when you are giving gifts you might want to stick to a pair, but it is also alright if you just send in one gift as well. 

Do follow the above when you are visiting the country so that you can blend in with the locals and their traditions better!