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Screen Your Clients Simply And Easily!

Businesses often rely on timely payments to remain afloat. Whilst this is not necessarily an advisable way to go about business, the truth is that many companies cannot afford to take any chances with their payments, which is why it is very important to understand whether you are leaving your funds in the hands of reliable clients or not. One or two late payments in a given time period may not have a big influence on the overall business transactions of a company, but when certain clients take to being routinely late, or a significant number of debtors find themselves unable to pay their dues on time, you know that your company is in trouble. To avoid such a scenario, it is important to first screen your potential clients and understand whether they will truly be able to make their payments in due time. Below are some of the most commonly used methods to assess their paying ability: 

  • Credit check – the easiest and most popular method to verify the reliability of a client is to simply have their credit history checked. By examining the credit rating of a specific business, you are able to see how they have upheld previous payments, and thereby gain a general idea of their trustworthiness. For example, a sole proprietorship, unlike a limited company, does not see the existence of the business as a separate entity; in this case, the credit rating of the owner of the said business can give you a general idea of how he or she will perform as a future client. 
  • Credit rating agencies Hong Kong – besides examining the credit rating of a specific individual or business, you can also perform a more expensive inspection into the credit history of a future client by contracting the services of a credit checking agency. Keep in mind that the process is considerably costly (though it is detailed), and as such, this method might be better left for the screening of important clients (as opposed to every client who does business with you). Check out more information by visiting
  • Pro-forma approach – lastly, there is the ‘pro-forma’ approach for those clients whom you might not be able to assess through the above-given methods. These clients are often new start-ups who have no history backing their claims up, but also whom you do not feel as if you should discount merely based on their lack of a good credit history. This approach basically asks these clients to make an upfront payment at the very start for the first few payments in the near future: their capability to pay a large sum upfront (and the fact that they have thus paid you for the coming months) can give them a better image as a reliable client. 


What You Should Be Doing In China

While there are certain things to avoid doing in China, there are also certain things you should be doing as well. These are connected to different aspects in the day to day livelihood of the people. So here are some such do’s you should be considering when you visit there. 

Do’s of greeting people  

In China, respect to one another is given ultimate priority. While calling an elderly person by their name is considered acceptable in most western countries, in traditional China such acts are frowned upon. When you are greeting even a Mandarin tutor HK, you need to call him or her teacher or “laoshi” according to Chinese, and if it is an elderly person or a boss, it is better that you address them by Mister and Miss. You could also use a gentle nod or a handshake to acknowledge and greet someone but it isn’t really necessary. But it is important that when you are greeting a group specially, make sure that you start off with the oldest.  Check out more information by visiting

Table etiquette  

When you are making a toast, it is best if you stand up if it is more of a formal one and make sure to tap the table twice beforehand. However, one of the best things you could do at a banquet is sampling all that is available. This way you get to pick exactly what suits your taste and not end up wasting all that you’ve piled up on your plate. It is also necessary that you leave some leftovers on the plate as it represents the bounteousness of the host. You could also learn Chinese, take up a few lessons of it and do a HSK test, so that you can actually have even a small conversation with the locals that aren’t familiar with your native language or English.  

Do’s of gift receiving and giving  

In China when you are receiving or giving gifts, it is always better that you do so with both hands. In addition to that, it is a tradition followed throughout, to not open gifts in front of the giver. It is always best that you do so when they are not present. However, if you are too curious to wait you could always ask them if it is alright with them to open the gift in front of them and then unwrap it. Even numbers are given much priority as well in the Chinese culture. So even when you are giving gifts you might want to stick to a pair, but it is also alright if you just send in one gift as well. 

Do follow the above when you are visiting the country so that you can blend in with the locals and their traditions better!  

Tips For Purchasing Electronics Online

Online marketplaces are growing rapidly and their possibilities are becoming endless. You can find almost anything you need online and purchasing them has never been easier. Online purchases and marketing has its own drawbacks too, of course, but quite frankly we can all agree that it has more pros than cons. If you are a consumer it is your responsibility to find reliable online stores and if you are a seller, you should be more concerned about your product quality and service in order to maintain a good business. Electronic components have become one of the most demanding and fast-selling items in online stores and it receives a huge attention from all around the world. If you are planning on purchasing these electronics through internet, you have a few things to consider before spending your money. 

Choosing the ideal and well-reputed brand names should always be your first priority. When it comes to online shopping, you can find dozens of different brands selling the same component for different prices and most people tend to choose the cheapest option assuming that they have got the best deals. Those low end replicas will only waste your money and it is important to choose a certified iso 13485 manufacturer in China when you are looking for these options. You can filter your results or options by your preferences through online stores and make sure to choose these reputed brand names. 

Choosing the right store plays an important role too. As mentioned, you can find hundreds of different online shops that almost all of them will have what you need. However, only a few of them will actually be reliable. Since you will be paying them money and dealing with certain personal information, you need to ensure that you have chosen a reliable online store before you make any purchase. 

Always know what you are buying. If you are trying a DIY project, for instance, you might not recognize every component. But it is important to do your homework before purchasing through internet. If you don’t have a good idea about these components and electronic concepts talk to a professional before making a decision. For instance, a Bluetooth device manufacturer will help you understand certain concepts about their products and that will lead you to make educated decisions. View more here

Talk to your friends or experienced professionals to know their opinions because that might help you understand these factors better. When you have a different perspective or more information, you will be able to make better and more rational decisions when purchasing electronics online. 

Make Your Mark In The International Arena

If I ask you what is or was your favorite subject at school, what would you give as an answer? I will get many subjects such as Mathematics, History, English, and Science etc. Each student has his own favorite lesson. If you answer as the English language, does it mean you like it or you think you know everything about it? You may be good at the language and may know how converse well in English, but does that mean you are ready to face any test with regard to this subject? 

The IELTS test is an important exam which anyone who prepares to go abroad should sit for. There is no exemption from this exam whatsoever. It should be completed within the given time period prior to moving abroad. The exam also adds some points to your migration process sometimes. Hence students study hard and try to pass this to their maximum.  

This is not a nerve wracking test. It is how you make it out to be. We make it easy for you taking you through the course manual and syllabus in a way that keeps you interested in the subject. Our panel of qualified tutors will take you through the necessary steps in order to pass this examination with flying colors. 

It is not just an ordinary English exam. It goes beyond this level. It is divided into reading and writing. IELTS writing component requires extensive knowledge on language grammar. It is no simple task. However it can be made a bit easier for you with the right material and way of studying. We have been in this business for many years and know what to expect from such a test. We also have the ability to judge your knowledge and skills and give you a rating initially. Thereafter you will be put to a suitable level of the course where you can catch up on your skills from there onwards. 

We take a very reasonable payments from the students, compared to other courses of similarity. We think of the perspective of the student, and know how hard it is on them. You will also be getting the course material, DVD and other related material in printed and electronic forms. These are for your reference and do not substitute the IELTS syllabus or allow you to skip classes. Hence you should attend each and every class of the course as they are all equally important in order for you to pass this exam with very good results.